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City Language Services organise language training in many leading institutions in the City of London.

When looking at a brochure, it is very easy to become confused by the great variety of language courses on offer. This is where our task starts:

To help you choose the best course for your needs!

In order to be able to do so, we have to establish your level in the language you wish to learn and clarify your requirements. That is why we offer our prospective clients a FREE "assessment" or "needs analysis". This is done in-school or in-company.

Once we have established whether you want to learn in-school or in-company, we will give you the choice between an intensive course or flexible tuition:

  • We usually recommend intensive tuition to clients who need to master a foreign language quickly and, as you will see in our "recap section", we offer a variety of crash courses, from 4 hours a day to 8 1/2 hours a day, weekdays and/or weekends.
  • Flexible tuition should ideally consist of a minimum of two classes a week. The student have the choice between 1, 1 1/2 or 2 hour lessons.
  • You can also combine flexible and intensive tuition, as well as in-school and in-company classes.

Please note that we offer group-tuition only on an "in-company" basis.

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